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BlackBriar FP&A Solutions is the culmination of our firm's deep industry and financial experience and a state-of-the-art platform to produce integrated budgeting and planning solutions. The BlackBriar FP&A Solutions line of business was born out of recognition that Excel-based modeling created financial and operational risks for our clients. We knew there was a better way to plan by leveraging sophisticated modeling tools to provide easy-to-use integrated solutions.


BlackBriar is a partner of Quantrix, a leading multidimensional modeling platform. Headed by Steve Bailey, the former Director of Quantrix Professional Services, BlackBriar designs and maintains highly configurable integrated financial models as well as point solutions that provide the comprehensive insights that guide our clients’ decision-making. Accessible securely on the cloud, BlackBriar solutions enable collaboration among stakeholders to ensure that your business is aligned tactically and strategically.

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Integrated golden cogs of financial problem solving spanning multiple industries.

BlackBriar experience spans several industries with domestic and international companies. While the fundamentals of financial and organizational problem solving in each industry and country have unique characteristics, our team members ability to draw on diverse backgrounds with successful track records in multiple industries and environments allows us to get at the heart of the matter quickly.


BlackBriar has created successful integrated models for industries such as:


•  Private equity

•  Oil and Gas

•  Renewable Energy

•  Mining

•  Manufacturing

•  Higher Education


•  Retail

•  Food Processing

•  Telecommunications

•  Performance contracting

•  Reinsurance


What our Customers are Saying

"I’ve had occasion to work with Steve a number of times over the past 10 years or so in the development and buildout of Quantrix models. The use cases that we have presented to Steve have been unusual, and very challenging, very much outside the ususal financial box you think of  with Quantrix. I have consistently been amazed at his ability to grasp the conceptual aspects of our problems and of the models we need built to solve them, and of his ability to rapidly craft the model architecture and coding necessary to deliver the solutions we and our clients need. And because of his own extensive business experience, he’s provoked some excellent thought and discussion about where we need to take our models and our products in the future. Steve is also a very easy guy to work with. He’s been very flexible working with us, and he’s very easygoing."



"For anyone looking for a really sophisticated help in building models that tackle complex and challenging problems, I heartily recommend Steve Bailey. We continue to work with him ourselves, and expect to indefinitely in the future. He’s an invaluable resource for us."


John C. Montaña – Montaña & Associates, Inc.

As a nationally recognized and highly ranked general contractor, James G. Davis Construction Corporation (DAVIS) continues to lead the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia construction market. By constantly focusing on innovation and quality, DAVIS distinguishes itself from the competition - so when it comes to internal process development, DAVIS selects partners that share the company’s meticulous attention to detail and high standards. In December 2015 DAVIS replaced its Sales Forecast process with a Quantrix model solution, and selected Blackbriar FP&A Services to develop the initial model and provide expert resource education. Follow them on twitter @davisbuilds

“Steve Bailey was instrumental in creating a solution that met all of DAVIS’s business requirements. We wanted an expert who intuitively understood our institutional, cultural and enterprise needs - and Steve delivered. His assessment of our process, attention to detail and efficient management of the model development process ensured the project was kept on schedule and delivered within budget”


Steven Kawczynski, Systems Architect, [davisconstruction.com] DAVIS Construction

Puzzle pieces being connected to help build partnerships.


The strength of BlackBriar lies not only in the passion and experience each partner brings to each engagement, but in the true partnership all of us commit to our clients.


Our Partners’ diverse backgrounds with specialized industry expertise provides a wealth of experience. Weekly collaboration on active engagements provides our clients with the collective experience of the team to explore alternatives, validate proposed solutions and expedite strategic plan initiatives.


With our targeted business solutions, we strive to bring immediate value through rapid development and execution of strategic and tactical plans to maximize profitability, cash flow and enterprise value.

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